Beep-bop-beep: The Top Five Free Science Fiction Sites On The Web

So I’ve been published in 3 of the 5 websites posted here. Feeling pretty proud of myself 🙂


Sometimes, after reading all those ‘literary’ magazines like the Kenyon Review and Tin House, you start to get sick of stories about real life.  I don’t want to read about little Timmy’s encounter with the divorce lawyer, you tell your spouse, I want to read about alien space pirates!   (Not surprising, she gives you a strange look.)

If you’ve been craving some science fiction, then search no further:  here is a compilation of the top five free sci-fi sites on the web.

5. Daily Science Fiction (


With over two hundred free stories—all speculative, of course—this magazine is sure to have something that tickles your fancy.  If you become a dedicated reader, consider donating to their Kickstarter.  It ends in a couple days, and all the proceeds go towards paying writers!

4. Fiction Vortex (

Despite launching only a few months ago,

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