I just got a second story, “Echo,” accepted by Daily Science Fiction. This time, I think that I’ll be paid enough for it to count as a qualifying sale for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Crazy. Awesome. 


One comment on “SFWA?

  1. Stamatis Stamatopoulos says:

    I receive a scifi-fantasy story from DSF every day (except WEs). I just read “Echo” and I liked it very much. I love scifi (or fantasy) stories that present aspects of human life through allegories. Such stories offer a different observation angle over common life situations and so they provoke a lot of questions in the readers’ mind, make them think, make them reconsider some -supposedly de facto- reality aspects.
    I entered your blog as I do some times out of plain interest about the writers. I wish you the best concerning your efforts to become a member of SFWA. That’s really amazing.
    Keep up the good work.

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